Identity Vulnerability Assessment

Identity is everything. You can’t run a business without giving employees or contractors the access to the resources, and by giving the access means you are exposed to certain degree of risk. Therefore, access certification is an extremely critical process for organizations that are concerned with accountability, identity risk management and regulatory compliance to ensure only the right people have the right access to the right resource. However, it can be a very daunting process for some organizations with dispersed systems and workforce which do not have tools, resources, and a centralized identity directory.

Cydentiq provides you quick-win value by giving you a comprehensive analytics & trending report that consists of instant visibility of who has access to what critical applications, highlighting the risk level of detected vulnerabilities such as orphaned accounts, former employees or contractors with active access, etc. and suggest the remediations in order to improve your organization’s security posture immediately, reduce the business risk and stay compliant. Without the huge investment in identity governance tool, Cydentiq helps organization to lay the strong foundation of identity governance which is essential as part of identity security journey.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Organizations today face an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, using the most sophisticated attack techniques that are harder to detect and mitigate. What’s more, some enterprises are becoming more risk averse to adopting digital transformation to safeguard against these attacks, making them less competitive and more vulnerable to threats. It’s important for organizations to ascertain the appropriate level of cyber awareness to become resilient against cyber-attacks.

In this interactive training, you will learn:

  • Introduction of cybersecurity
  • Cyber threats – phishing, social engineering, insider threat, etc.
  • Impact of cybersecurity breach
  • Cybersecurity basics 101

IAM Advisory Program

Many Identity Access Management (IAM) implementations faced major challenges to initiate, move forward or expand with no proper planning at the beginning, focus only on technology requirements, run it as a project not program. Or worst, many still stuck at sorting out the infrastructure & technical challenges while trying to explore a solution to solve their challenges in identity management. A successful IAM journey requires a strong foundation by mapping of IAM’s capabilities and its alignment with organization’s business needs, processes, risk challenges, organization’s culture and technical requirements.

Cydentiq’s IAM Advisory Program is designed to help organization build a sustainable and practical IAM journey through our unique methodology and many years of expertise & experience in advisory and delivery. Some of the key benefits from this program:

    • Understanding of current gaps & key challenges in IAM
    • Develop a matrix that map IAM capabilities and business objectives
    • Build a clear & strategic vision with actionable plan & phased approaches how to achieve IAM maturity from current to desired state

Insider Threat Hunting Program

Malicious insiders may be driven by a wide range of motivations, including greed, financial desperation, desire for revenge for a perceived wrong, and loyalty to a different organization.No matter the reason why malicious insiders commit their crimes, all insider attacks have two things in common – they’re very hard to detect and very costly to remediate. This is because employees have legitimate access to sensitive data, which makes it extremely difficult to distinguish between misuse and actual work routines.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Let’s face the facts:

  • There is no 100% of security
  • 90% of data breach are caused by people

Cydentiq’s Insider Threat Hunting Program is designed to help organization address the risky users by providing you with proactive approach to hunt the “bad guy” that is currently or potentially possessing damage or risk to your organization such as resigned employees who are serving notice, bad performance or disgruntled employees, and suspected personnel. This program will provide you the context-aware of visibility and real time monitoring of targeted user activities.  We provide you the analytics report that shows the summary of user activity and behaviour, highlight policy violations such as data exfiltration & infiltration, sabotage activities, installing malicious tools, identity theft, and more – so that you could investigate and take remediation immediately.

Close up of person hand using laptop with digital business interface on blurry interior background. Technology and hud concept

PAM Advisory Program

While many organizations are struggling how to start Privileged Access Management (PAM) implementation, there are also many find these initiatives fail to meet the expectations after the implementation. The common causes include improper planning & scoping during initial stage – focus too much on the technical features and wanted everything to be delivered at a single project. Some don’t have a clear inventory of assets and privileged accounts, dispersed password policies or entitlement access matrix. A successful PAM implementation requires a through assessment of business & risk priorities, processes and technical requirements.

Cydentiq’s PAM Advisory Program is designed to help organization build a sustainable roadmap to safeguard all privileged access using our proven methodology. Some of the key benefits from this program:

  • Comprehensive discovery assessment of privileged accounts
  • PAM risk assessment – understanding of current gaps & risks and identify opportunities for improvement aligned with industry best practice
  • Develop a matrix that map PAM capabilities and business objectives
  • Develop strategy for quick win approach and sustainable operating model to help you succeed in the PAM journey
  • Create clear vision and objectives towards PAM adoption based on the maturity model

Customer Success Program

We don’t sell, we solve! At Cydentiq, we strongly believe solving problem is the fundamental of success and we aim to build a long term and mutually beneficial partnership with our customers. We define success as the fulfilment of desired goals – a journey that is filled of choices, breakthrough, failures, relationship, challenges, passion, vision, learning, doubt, fear and desperation. We apply the same philosophy to help our customers to succeed by solving their problems or showing them the path to their desired state. That’s the mission that drives us to build customer success methodology. At the initial discovery stage, we focus heavily on “WHY” with deep understanding of our customer’s challenges before proposing “HOW” – the solution & strategy. As part of our customer success program, we continuously engage with our customers for success review upon completion of onboarding to ensure business goals are achieved together with vision alignment for the same direction – SUCCESS.


Managed Services

Companies of all sizes often place a priority on operational efficiency, but not all businesses are equally equipped to maintain this efficiency. Small businesses may have limited IT or information security resources, furthermore looking for a talented identity security professional and the right one is extremely challenging today. They can quickly fall behind in identity access management, placing the company’s system at risk of an outage or breach.

Cydentiq’s managed services help customer to address these challenges by providing shared or dedicated talent(s) with experience and passion in identity security domain. They are well trained and equipped with the right knowledge to help our customer sustain and succeed in the operationalization journey.

Technology Implementation

A successful identity security implementation requires detailed planning and understanding of business priorities and processes. Our onboarding strategy consists of 5 stages – Access, Design, Build, Deploy & Operate based on the perspectives of people, process, technology, risk & governance. We focus on building quick win value so customer can gain value of investment at the earlier state. At Cydentiq, we strongly believe in establishing long term partnership with our customers, help them to build and grow their identity security journey using our proven customer success methodology.