Privileged Access Management

You have an office and every employee including authorized vendors – temporary or permanent, have the access key to the office door. However, there is a room which has a safe that keeps all the valuable assets. Would you be comfortable providing everyone that has the access to your office, with the key to that safe? Well, certainly not, right. The same principle that protect the crown jewel in your business is known as Privileged Access Management (PAM).

The company’s information that managed by users who have privileged access has always been the target of cybercriminals and malicious insiders who have bad intentions. It is important for you to know that attackers will always find a new way of getting what they need. As a result, attackers who gain control of privileged accounts have the key to break your whole IT kingdom.In general, shared administrative accounts possess serious cybersecurity risk to your organization as they are bound to be compromised. There is also usually no way of knowing who is using a shared account at a particular time, so there is no audit trail or no user record to merge with event logs, and therefore no accountability.

Cydentiq’s Privileged Access Management solution provides you with the key benefits to prevent data breach and protect your organization’s most critical assets:

Streamline privileged access request & operation:

  • Automated & policy-based workflow for privileged access request & approval that handles just-in-time access and emergency break glass procedure.
  • Quicker access to the privileged accounts with secure session brokering capability – without password exposure or time needed to wait someone to supply the privileged credential, hence reducing security risk.

Visibility of privileged access:

  • Comprehensive audit trails of who request and access to what, when and what did they do.
  • Real time monitoring of user activities

Stay compliant with regulatory requirements:

  • Digital vault that secure all the privileged credentials, automate password rotation according to policies
  • Privileged access is safeguarded with multi-factor authentication to ensure only the right user with the authorized entitlement is allowed.
  • Preventive & detective control to help your organization mitigate the business risk from privileged access