Insider Threat Management

“Inside good, outside bad” is no longer a right context when it comes to insider threat, because human behaviour changes all the time. Insider threat can happen when someone within the organization with legitimate access intentionally or unintentionally misuses that access to negatively impact the confidentiality, integrity or availability of organization’s critical data and system. They can be your current or former employees, business partners, vendors, contractors that have the access to your critical assets. Your biggest asset (people) is also your biggest risk. Remember they are authorized users with the legitimate access to your critical system, they are already in your network every day – with the fact they don’t even need to hack to get in.

Very often, the main intention of insiders is to seek for financial gain. They steal information such as account information or credentials then sell it to criminals. Disgruntled employees that receive mistreatment from their employer may likely aim to sabotage the critical system or some steal the customer information to use it with their next employer.

Cydentiq’s Insider Threat Management solution provides you the key benefits:

  • Real time user activity monitoring – give you the whole story of incident
  • Detect risky user activities by identifying anomalous behaviour
  • Increase user security awareness through real time notification or blocking
  • Accelerate incident response – investigate suspicious user violated activities in minute – not days, years or worst goes undiscovered
  • Protect user privacy by anonymize user data to meet compliance