Identity Governance & Administration

Managing identity governance, lifecycle for onboarding, role changes and offboarding can be really challenging for most of the organizations, especially when it comes to the context of people, process and technology. No matter how talented your IT team, they remain only human. They can make critical mistakes or neglect what may appear a low-priority issue for them – by granting excessive permission or not being to disable leaver’s access on time can put your organization into a high-risk state. In this digital transformation age, the process of managing identity lifecycle become complex today from the perspective of joiner, mover and leaver. They could be your employees, customers, business partners, contractors or vendors. And even if they are employees, they may be temporary or permanent, remote or on-site, full-time or part-time. How do you create an efficient lifecycle management process to deliver the right levels of access for so many different types of users and ensure that when that access is no longer needed it is removed promptly?

Identify governance and administration (IGA) isdesigned to improve transparency and manageability by providing organizations visibility and control over information access. Or in layman’s terms, it’s a solution that ensures the right people have the right access to the right resource at the right time. It may sound simple, but it takes more than technology to get the job done.

Cydentiq’s Identity Governance and Administration solution provides you with the key benefits that enables you to seamlessly manage and control user access risks across the entire enterprise:

Lower security risk

  • With centralized visibility, you can immediately detect any inappropriate access, policy violations or weak points that put your organization at risk, and quickly make decision on the remediation plans.

Access request and approval

  • Automated workflows with policy enforcement and streamline processes for greater efficiency in facilitating access requests and approvals much quicker for business, making sure access to resources is secure, and also making sure that legitimate users can quickly and easily get access to resources to do their jobs.

Advanced auditing and intelligence

  • Simplifying the access certification review process to ensure the right controls are in place to meet audit and compliance requirements.—for example, automatically flagging compliance violations or those that require immediate attention, rather than demanding that reviewers give equal attention to all the information they’re reviewing, regardless of its relative criticality. IGA solution with analytics and automation also means reviewers do not require business context to understand what they’re reviewing. What’s more, they can have more confidence that any decisions made are accurate.