Cybersecurity Posture & Awareness

The cybersecurity posture refers to an organization’s overall cybersecurity strength, particularly relating to the internet and its vulnerability to external threats.

Cydentiq’s cybersecurity posture and analytics solution provides you the key benefits:

  • Central management and reporting platform, providing automatic and continuous internal cyber security ratings of enterprise security environments. By connecting to the security tool suite and providing real-time information about misconfigurations, sub-optimizations and behavioral monitoring, it is designed for CISOs and information security managers, offering role-based access and customizable views to deliver insight & awareness into cyber security health & preparedness, posture & maturity and compliance & risk.
  • Provide Critical Security Controls (CSCs) that perform health check according to the baselines for each security domain and for overall security within the cyber ecosystem
  • Provide mapping of out-of-the-box of international security standards such as NIST, ISO27001, PCI-DSS and more with your current organization’s security posture to understand the gap and prepare remediation plan

Our cybersecurity posture and analytics enable you to have a clearer understanding of the likelihood of any future breach so that you can:

  • Have a holistic view to determine and control breach likelihood
  • Investigate and control any risk introduced through suppliers or partners, particularly if they have access to your system or data
  • Determine your risk tolerance by establishing what risk levels can you accept, and whether to mitigate or transfer risk to an insurer for higher risk levels.
  • Prioritize investments with a more informed decision on both absolute and relative risks