Access Management Single Sign-On

Imagine your users are using the same passwords across different applications – and worst using the same password for both personal and business applications, what does it means to you when one single password is compromised? By adopting security best practice of using complex and unique password for each application, it affects user experience. How does this get a balance?

Cydentiq’s Single Sign-On (SSO) solution provides you with the key benefits:

Reduce business risk

  • Passwords for each application can be managed through a centralised & automated policy. With SSO, it reduces the risk of bad password habit

Reduce help desk costs

  • Statistics show that 20-50% of help desk calls are for password reset. While password reset is a simple job, it ultimately impacts productivity and takes up help desk’s valuable time Because SSO reduces the number of passwords users have to remember, users are less likely to submit a ticket to the IT department for password resets.

Streamline user experience

  • Create user convenience and improve user productivity through faster access to applications and information. In addition, SSO will accelerate business where new customers can sign up easily and securely by leveraging trusted identity providers.