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Challenges in Identity Security

Visibility & Control

You don’t know what you don’t know. Digital transformation brings greater agility to the business growth, but it also means more users, more apps and more data. How do you know who has access to what? Why do they need it? How do they access? What do they do with the access? How do you control their access? Manual process in managing identity lifecycle and access leads to huge integrity & compliance concern.

Security Risk

Your biggest asset (people) is also your biggest risk. Orphaned accounts, privilege creep and insider threat possess significant risk to organization as they are already inside your network, bypassing perimeter security and relatively having authorized access to your data.


Most of the identity initiatives are prioritized to solve operational issues rather than security. Many do not approach it as a program from holistic & sustainable perspectives to meet long term success. As a result, they are always perceived to be complex, isolated & difficult to scale further and ultimately leading to the failure.

Why Cydentiq?

  • We don’t sell, we solve! Customer success is our priority. At Cydentiq, we strongly believe solving problem is the fundamental of success and we aim to build a long term and mutually beneficial partnership with our customers to ensure business vision and goals are achieved towards the same direction – SUCCESS.

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  • Identity security is in our DNA. We focus on creating values and helping our customers to build identity journey with a clear vision from holistic & sustainable approach using our ultimate identity security framework.

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  • Our committed team with strong capabilities and experiences in identity management that are ready to be part of your success journey.

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    Customer Success Program

    We don’t sell, we solve! At Cydentiq, we strongly believe solving problem is the fundamental of success and we aim to build a long term and mutually beneficial partnership with our customers.

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    Identity Vulnerability Assessment

    Identity is everything. You can’t run a business without giving employees or contractors the access to the resources, and by giving the access means you are exposed to certain degree of risk.

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    Insider Threat Hunting Program

    Malicious insiders may be driven by a wide range of motivations, including greed, financial desperation, desire for revenge for a perceived wrong, and loyalty to a different organization.

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    Cybersecurity Awareness Training

    Organizations today face an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, using the most sophisticated attack techniques that are harder to detect and mitigate.

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    IAM Advisory Program

    Many Identity Access Management (IAM) implementations faced major challenges to initiate, move forward or expand with no proper planning at the beginning, focus only on technology requirements, run it as a project not program.

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    PAM Advisory Program

    While many organizations are struggling how to start Privileged Access Management (PAM) implementation, there are also many find these initiatives fail to meet the expectations after the implementation.

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    Technology Implementation

    A successful identity security implementation requires detailed planning and understanding of business priorities and processes. Our onboarding strategy consists of 5 stages – Access, Design, Build

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    Managed Services

    Companies of all sizes often place a priority on operational efficiency, but not all businesses are equally equipped to maintain this efficiency. Small businesses may have limited IT or information security resources

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Identity Governance & Administration

Managing identity governance, lifecycle for onboarding, role changes and offboarding can be really challenging for most of the organizations, especially when it comes to the context of people, process and technology. No matter how talented your IT team, they remain only human.

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Privileged Access Management

You have an office and every employee including authorized vendors – temporary or permanent, have the access key to the office door. However, there is a room which has a safe that keeps all the valuable assets. Would you be comfortable providing everyone that has the access to your office, with the key to that safe?

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Access Management Single Sign-On

Imagine your users are using the same passwords across different applications – and worst using the same password for both personal and business applications, what does it means to you when one single password is compromised?

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a critical component of identity and access management that verifies a user’s identity through multiple credentials. Rather than just asking for a username and password, MFA requires additional credentials such as OTP, fingerprint, or facial recognition to sign in.

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Insider Threat Management

“Inside good, outside bad” is no longer a right context when it comes to insider threat, because human behaviour changes all the time. Insider threat can happen when someone within the organization with legitimate access intentionally

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Cloud Access Security Broker

As part of digital transformation through cloud adoption, organization requires a way to deliver consistent security across multiple clouds and protecting everyone using their data. If your company uses Salesforce, ServiceNow, Office365, Box, Dropbox, social media, and similar popular “BYOApps,”

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Security Information and Event Management

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a solution that aggregates and analyses endpoint, server and network activity from many different resources across your IT infrastructure.

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Cybersecurity Posture & Awareness

Central management and reporting platform, providing automatic and continuous internal cyber security ratings of enterprise security environments. By connecting to the security tool suite and providing real-time information

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Cybersecurity Insurance

Cyber-related attacks represent a growing threat to the reputation and economic stability of not only large operations, but anyone online is at risk of getting hacked. With practically every aspect of the modern world

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